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Lashes Clinic

Scientists have devised a new treatment dubbed “Botox for eyelashes” that could make mascara a thing of the past.

The procedure involves applying a lotion that encourages lashes to grow and thicken. This product has taken the USA by storm and for this reason it has developed a cult following amongst celebrities where it is used by actresses including Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, Claire Danes and Brooke Shields. The lotion is used to grow your own eyelashes making them LONGER,THICKER & DARKER! Apply the product once daily and you’ll never go back to wearing false eyelashes again.

  • Apply nightly to upper lids
  • 4 month treatment
  • See changes as early as 4 weeks

“My lashes were short and sparse but just four weeks after starting the treatment they were most definitely longer, darker and fuller. I’ve not even finished the treatment yet and can see a huge difference in my lashes. They look fabulous! This is a treatment that definitely works – it is amazing and I am so pleased with my new long lashes!”
Vicky Buckley, Beauty Editor.

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