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hoya_logo_webThe lenses are the most important part of your glasses. They’re the bits that help you see clearly, so it’s vital you get the right ones for your eyes.

There are hundreds of lenses to choose from. We’ve highlighted some of the most popular ones below but don’t worry if you’re not sure or can’t see what you’re looking for. When you come into the shop our passionate and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right solution for your needs. At Valli Opticians, we are proud to be supplied lenses by Hoya UK. For information on Hoya lenses, click here.


Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+

Individualised premium progressive lensesmystyle

Do you experience problems focusing at a range of distances but find that traditional progressive lenses cause unpleasant swim and sway? Then the award- winning Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ is right for you. Produced with the latest technology, Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ is Hoya’s most advanced premium progressive lens yet. Experience an unprecedented level of individualisation and clear, stable vision, everytime and everywhere.


See for yourself why Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ is known as Hoya’s most individualised premium progressive lens solution, and benefit from:

  •     Unrivalled optical clarity
  •     Perfect and effortless focusing
  •     Excellent depth of vision
  •     Natural, stable vision
  •     Did you know?

There are 7,581,600,000 possible Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ progressive lens variations – all tailored to you.


Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V+ X-Act

lifestyleCustomised progressive lenses

Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V+ customised progressive lenses provide clear, relaxed vision for all distances as well as natural progression between near, intermediate and far. What’s more, Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V+ X-Act considers the way you wear your frame, ensuring you have the right correction exactly where you need it.


With Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V+ customised progressive lenses, you will benefit from:

  •     Highly accurate correction for a crisper image
  •     Perfect and effortless focusing
  •     Wider near and intermediate vision fields, extremely suitable when reading and using mobile devices
  •     Natural, stable vision when moving around
  •     Two design variations to suit your individual needs


Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+

Exclusive indoor lensesworkstyle

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ is Hoya’s exclusive indoor lens solution that is tailored to your individual working and wearing conditions. If your job involves precision activities or requires you to spend long periods at a computer, Hoya’s indoor lenses can offer the optical support you need. Work without boundaries, whatever your profession.


With Hoyalux iD WorkStyle V+ indoor lenses, you will benefit from:

  •      Wide near and intermediate visual fields – ideal for reading and using digital devices
  •      Perfect and effortless focusing and excellent depth of vision
  •      A solution perfectly suited to an office environment and precise activities


Nulux iDentity V+

Personalised single vision lensesidentity

Nulux iDentity V+ single vision lenses are tailored to your individual style, frame choice and wearing needs. They offer focused vision in all directions and superb visual performance over the entire lens.


Nulux iDentity V+ single vision lenses are designed to meet the demands of a modern, dynamic lifestyle. Whatever you love doing, you will benefit from:

  •      Sharp, unrestricted vision in all directions
  •      Clear, natural vision at all times
  •      The highest quality

Hi-Vision LongLife

Extend the life of your lenseshivisll

From grease and dust to accidental scratches and changing weather conditions, lenses go through a lot. In addition, reflections on lenses can be unpleasant for wearers and distracting for those around them. Hoya’s Hi-Vision LongLife is proven to be the most durable anti-reflective coating available. It guarantees exceptionally clear, relaxed vision while prolonging the life and look of your lenses.


In combination with BlueControl or UV Control, Hi-Vision LongLife also protects your eyes against blue light emitted by digital screens or the harmful effects of UV rays. You are guaranteed:

  •     Longer lifespan of your lenses
  •     Clearer, more relaxed vision thanks to glare reduction
  •     Protection from accidental scratches
  •     Easy cleaning due to water, grease, dirt and dust-repellent layers
  •     Two-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Hi-Vision LongLife was named Best Coating 2015.


Photochromic lensessensity

Gone are the days when spectacle wearers had to change glasses to see comfortably in different light conditions. Sensity photochromic lenses were developed to react consistently to light, UV and temperature. They darken quickly when you step outdoors and fade back just as quickly to full clarity indoors. During these rapid transitions, total UV protection is maintained. So whether you are running errands on the high street, strolling in a shady park or relaxing on the beach, Sensity photochromic lenses will adapt to every situation.


Sensity photochromic lenses incorporate the benefits of prescription lenses and sunglasses in one. If you enjoy an active lifestyle or are particularly sensitive to light, you will benefit from:

  •      Comfortable vision and consistent performance in all conditions
  •      Glare reduction without compromising contrast or colour perception
  •      Total UV protection, even during transitions

Visit the Sensity website to find out more.


Precision for professionals


visureal ipda

The visuReal® video centring system provides a precise measurement which guarantees the perfect centring of spectacle lenses.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it automatically and quickly determines all the important parameters required to manufacture a pair of spectacles.