All eyes on Yorkshire Traction Honley Band

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Honley BandAll eyes will be on one of Yorkshires oldest bands. Yorkshire Traction Honley Band will be celebrating it’s 150th anniversary, with a  concert  at Honley High School on May 17th. Performing on 3rd cornet will be Valli Opticians very own Dispensing Optician and Digital and E-Commerce manager Sheryl Doe.
Yorkshire Traction Honley Band (YTHB) was formed in 1865 by William Brook, George W Farrar and William H Walker. The band was sponsored by Yorkshire Traction Bus Company band, hence the name. The bus company sadly no longer exists, but the band retains the name as it is an important part of its history.

The band which has 20 members with musicians from Holme Valley, Barnsley and Bradford, has an active calendar with concerts almost every fortnight from May until Christmas.

Sheryl said “I’m fairly new to the band, but they welcomed me into the fold and I really enjoy making music and the time I spend with them.”

Sometimes musicians struggle with their vision and seeing the music on the music stand can be a problem. With brass players among the staff of Valli Opticians we understand the needs of the musicians and conductors. If you are a musician and are having problems with your vision, contact us vi or visit

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