An eye test could save your life

An eye test could save your life image

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It’s Monday again and we at Valli Opticians are starting the week with a very topical myth buster. We are busting the myth that you don’t need an eye test if there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight or if you don’t wear glasses.

Optometrists are healthcare professionals who can diagnose a whole host of health conditions (including cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, liver disease, stroke and more) through a routine eye examination. Many eye disease do not have noticeable symptoms or just exhibit headaches which can even be missed by doctors. Recently an optometrist spotted something that doctors had missed, leading to a six-year-old girl having a huge tumour removed and potentially saving her life just hours after the optician’s appointment. This little girl had a massive brain tumour the size of an “orange”, and it was only thanks to the optometrist that she was taken into hospital for the life saving surgery, after doctors had previously diagnosed her symptoms as a virus or possibly migraine.

Tumours, eye diseases, and many other health problems can be picked up by regular eye tests. If you, or your children, or anyone you care for, hasn’t had an eye test within the past two years, click here to book an eye test with Valli opticians. – or visit to find your nearest practice.

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