Valli Opticians sponsoring the Brass Factor

Valli Opticians sponsoring the Brass Factor image

At Valli Opticians we are delighted to sponsor the Brass Factor, a local organisation which promotes the cultural heritage of Yorkshire and the brass band movement. The Brass Factor is a great opportunity for families and people of all ages to get together. The money raised by this event goes to local charities of which Valli Opticians has long been a supporter.

Currently celebrating our tenth anniversary we have marked this milestone by opening two new practices. One in Lockwood and most recently in Hebden Bridge. Hebden Bridge Brass Band played for the official opening of our new Valli Opticians flagship store on Bridge Gate.  The band performed throughout the afternoon, everyone was welcomed in to enjoy the entertainment.

At Valli Opticians we believe in engaging with the local community and we have links with many local schools and organisations. We have many brass band connections as several staff members play musical instruments and are members of local brass bands. We are very aware that sometimes musicians struggle with their vision and seeing the music on the music stand can be a problem. With brass players among the staff of Valli Opticians we understand the needs of the musicians and conductors. If you are a musician and are having problems with your vision we may be able to resolve these issues.

Managing Director Moin Valli said “We are really excited about sponsoring Brass Factor because like us it is a fast growing Yorkshire company. We hope to create awareness in the music world about the importance of good eye health as well as spread the word about the enjoyment of brass bands.“

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