Bright Winter Sunshine

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One of the biggest bugbears and a key safety hazards of driving in the winter is the glare from the low position of the sun. Bright sunlight often leads to reflected road glare or dazzle, causing eye strain, headaches and poor concentration. The low winter sun and resultant glare is a serious contributor to many accidents over this period.

During the Autumn and Winter the sun moves to a lower position in the sky. This can cause problems with a low angle glare entering the windscreen. The glare can temporarily eliminate visibility, especially when the roads are wet or icy reducing visual quality or even causing temporary blindness.

It is in situations like this that wearing quality polarized sunglasses can help, enabling the wearer to see better and more comfortably. The polarized filter in the sunglass lenses acts like a venetian blind, deflecting the majority of the reflected glare away from your eyes.

Polarized lenses reduce glare


Your safety and driving performance depends on good vision. It is therefore important to have the correct sunglasses for these potentially dangerous driving conditions. You will find optical quality polarized sunglasses filter out the harsh glare while cutting through haze to give you sharper and more comfortable vision when driving.

Different light conditions and lifestyles can call for many different types of sunglasses. When you visit one of our practices you will receive professional advice from our qualified Dispensing Opticians on the most suitable sunglasses for your needs.

Most types of sunglasses can now be made to your individual correction if you need prescription lenses. Your prescription sunglasses can be made with single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses and they are also available with photochromic lenses which have a light tint indoors but darken in sunlight.

Polarised lenses can reduce glare from reflective surfaces making them ideal for reducing glare from low winter sun. We offer an exceptional range of sunglasses for all lens types, prescription needs and lifestyle. So don’t struggle with the winter sun, enjoy it with a pair of fabulous sunglasses from Valli Opticians.

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