Busting Colour blindness myths

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Colour blindness

Someone recently said to me that girls can’t be colour blind, but this isn’t strictly true. Although very rare, some women do suffer from various types of color vision deficiency. However the most common form of colour deficiency affects red and green colours, to which males are most commonly predisposed. This is because the most common form of colour vision deficiency is encoded on the male  X chromosome.

Interestingly up to 99% of all colour blind sufferers are not really colour blind at all, they are really colour deficient. The term colour blind is somewhat misleading. The three main types of colour vision deficiency are: Protanopia, a reduced sensitivity to red light, Deuteranopia, an insensitivity to green light, causing confusion of greens, reds, and yellows; Tritanopia, a very rare form of colour deficiency caused by an insensitivity to blue light which causes confusion of greens and blues.

Many people are looking for a possibility to test their color vision on the web. Unfortunately there aren’t many color blindness tests available online, but you can contact your opticians if you are at all worried.  Here at Valli Opticians our most common test for colour vision deficiency is the Ishihara plate test.

If you wish to make an appointment please contact your nearest practice. Details https://www.valliopticians.co.uk/practices

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