Carol loves caravans!

Carol loves caravans! image

Carol PlumbWe are delighted to welcome one of our newest team members Carol Plumb from Henry J Rose Optometrists in Hull to the Valli Group team. Carol has clocked up seven years of service at Henry J Rose Optometrists.  Carol describes her job role as “Carol, can you just………….”, and she is always on hand to help patients whenever the need arises.

When asked, Carol said the thing she likes most about her job is, the variety and meeting such a diverse group of people. Also the feeling of belonging to another little family.

Carol’s favourite film is Top Gun and she has a secret passion for Caravans. Carol said her most vivid childhood memory is “Driving past the ‘Golf Balls’ at RAF Menwith Hill and knowing in my little head that there were aliens inside”

Carol has two children, a boy and a girl and 4 grandchildren. She said her most memorable events were seeing her grandsons being born.

When not in work Carol enjoys cooking and baking. She likes to think of herself as Hulls answer to Nigella Lawson. We are quite happy to sample your endeavours Carol, so feel free to bring along a few!

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