Comfortable reading at all distances with near comfort lenses

Comfortable reading at all distances with near comfort lenses image


Near comfort lenses allow clear vision at many more closer distances than reading lenses

As we age many of us find that varifocal lenses are a solution for correcting vision for distance and reading. For those who need help for near vision only, standard reading lenses are suitable. However many of us are finding that with the multiple devices we now use, such as tablets and smartphones, these options have their limitations.

Our modern workplaces now make it necessary for us to focus on our monitors, desks and colleagues all at different distances. In fact many people who visit us for an eye test complain that they have experienced some form of eye strain. Many find that they make changes to their posture and this can often result in discomfort that is difficult to alleviate.

Rodenstock have responded to this by launching a range of near comfort lenses that are specially created with digital device users in mind. The lenses make it easier for eyes to work, as well as easing tense necks and shoulders because the wearer no longer has to adjust their position to aid vision. Some people have even noticed the improvement with as little as 5 – 10 hours of wear a week.

Rodenstock comfort lenses are available in five variations to suit all customers and their budgets:

For the perfectionist, the best Rodenstock computer lens – the Impression Ergo FS® 2. These lenses are ideal for anyone who requires top performance from their near vision glasses. For those who are only satisfied by the best, Rodenstock’s Impression Ergo FS 2® lenses are the most innovative and highest performing product in the range. The lenses are matched perfectly to the wearer’s visual requirements as well as their workplace. In addition we carry out a complete vision system analysis using Rodenstock’s patented Eye Lens Technology in order to exploit your full vision potential. Whether for work or for hobbies, your vision will be completely relaxed.

The Impression Ergo FS® 2 lens provides:

  • Completely unique near comfort lens

  • Unrivalled vision for your work and hobbies

  • Highest performance through relaxed, ergonomic head and body posture

  • Greatest spontaneous compatibility

  • Takes your personal visual habits into consideration

  • Based on an analysis of your entire vision system

  • 100% exploitation of your vision potential thanks to Eye Lens Technology EyeLT®

  • Up to 40% better vision in the near and intermediate range

For the Idealist, the best vision without compromise – the Impression Ergo® 2. These near comfort lenses make fatigue-free vision possible. The Impression Ergo 2 is a perfect choice for those who require top performance during the day making  uncompromised vision as relaxed as possible. Thanks to the patented Eye Lens Technology EyeLT®, these lenses optimally exploit your personal visual potential.

The Impression Ergo 2 provides:

  • Individual near comfort lens

  • The best performance during the day

  • Greatest spontaneous compatibility

  • Based on an analysis of your entire vision system

  • Patented Eye Lens Technology EyeLT®

For the demanding, a brilliant near vision experience – the Multigressiv Ergo® 2.

Whether for work or your hobby, you can have relaxed vision with Rodenstock’s  custom-made Multigressiv Ergo® near comfort lenses. These near comfort lenses provide relaxation from the first mouse click. The Multigressiv Ergo® 2  are manufactured for excellent visual comfort and will improve vision quality in the near and intermediate range. Thanks to the ergonomically positioned visual zones, head and body posture will improve almost immediately. The Rodenstock Multigressiv Ergo® 2   provides a well known branded product with convincing cost-effectiveness.

The Multigressiv Ergo® 2 provides:

  • Custom-made and effect-optimised near comfort lenses

  • Enables more relaxed head and body posture

  • Spontaneous well-being and outstanding compatibility

  • Tried and proven brand quality with convincing cost-effectiveness

  • Patented Eye Lens Technology EyeLT®

For the beginner, the Progressiv Ergo® lenses help tackle the digital work life completely. The lenses provide clear vision for close-up work on the job and for hobbies – it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting at a computer, giving an important presentation, or just browsing through a book. Anyone who values tried and trusted Rodenstock quality with outstanding cost-effectiveness will enjoy Progressiv Ergo® lenses.

Progressiv Ergo®  provides:

  • Individual high-end progressive lenses

  • Calculated on the basis of the innovative Eye Lens Technology EyeLT®

  • Optimised visual ranges

  • Short acclimatisation time and best spontaneous compatibility

  • Perfect vision, even with high correction values

For the part time wearer, the Nexyma 40 / Nexyma 80 offers the wearer optimum vision at 40 cm (80 cm respectively), but this view can also extended over this distance up to 2-3 metres. The Nexyma degressive lenses are perfect for the workplace, offering visual fields which are greatly extended over standard reading glasses.

Nexyma 40 provides:

•  Ideal for vision at a distance of approximately 40cm

•  Relaxed, comfortable near vision

•  Extended vision zone beyond the normal near area

Nexyma 80 provides:

•  Ideal for intermediate vision at a distance of approximately 80cm

•  Fatigue free work thanks to a natural head posture

•  Clear vision at near with large intermediate zone

All Ergo® lenses are available in three variations:

  • The Ergo® Book near comfort lenses provide an optimally large visual zone up to 90 cm, thereby ensuring fatigue-free work.

  • The Ergo® PC provides an unrestricted field of view when working at a PC in an area of up to 1.20 metres.

  • The Ergo® ROOM is for anyone who frequently has to talk to clients or hold meetings. Their wide visual zones allow for relaxed vision up to 5 metres. These lenses are ideal, for many professions including lawyers, conductors, writers, accountants, and presenters. They are also ideal for those who work at reception desks or counters.

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