Dry Eye and Blepharitis Clinic Launched

There won’t be a dry eye in the house after a visit to Valli Opticians.

The friendly local eye specialists have just started a dry eye clinic, one of the only places in the region that offers a specific clinic to treat and manage the increasingly common condition.

Dry eye affects one in every three people and causes itchy or scratchy sensations in or around the eyes, dryness, grittiness, stinging or increasing soreness throughout the day, red eyes, watery eyes [particularly when exposed to wind] or occasional blurred vision and sensitivity to normal light.

The condition is particularly prevalent amongst people over 60 but despite it being so common, very few places have been able to offer a dedicated service to manage it effectively. Until now.

“GPs don’t have the equipment to manage dry eye and opthalmologists don’t have the time,” says Valli Group proprietor Moin Valli. “There is no specific service available to manage the problem in primary or secondary care, which is why we’ve launched a dedicated dry eye clinic – to give the people of West Yorkshire a valuable service they can’t get elsewhere.”

The Valli Group of Opticians dry eye clinics run across five of the six practices – Hampshire Opticians in Lockwood, Meltham and Honley, SD Haigh Opticians in Almondbury and the original Valli Opticians in Mytholmroyd.

If you think you may have a problem, call your nearest practice to make an appointment. The team will test your eyes for the condition – and related problems such as blephartis – and provide fully tailored management programmes to anyone that needs them.

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