Help to Stop the Words Moving

Award winning Huddersfield based Opticians, the Valli Group, takes delivery of a revolutionary piece of equipment in June that can help sufferers of Visual Stress, a photosensitive condition that is often the cause of poor reading (Dyslexia). The light sensitive condition is also often present in many migraine sufferers, even when there are no obvious reading problems.

The company has invested in the Intuitive Colorimeter, which will help them to identify unique precision coloured lenses for individuals that can help alleviate the problem of Visual Stress.

Reading difficulties in some individuals are often due largely to Visual Stress, which simply explained is sensitivity to bright light and visual patterns.  This can cause visual perception problems that interfere with reading. Visual Stress is not dyslexia but many dyslexics do suffer from the problem. Symptoms of Visual Stress can be confused with those of dyslexia. Wrong identification of the problem can lead in some instances to children being wrongly labelled and treated inappropriately.

Valli Group managing director Moin Valli said: “Lots of children and adults have a condition which leads them to suffer from visual discomfort when reading. It can affect fluency, concentration and comprehension as well as causing tiredness. The symptoms of visual stress can include movement or blurring of printed text, patterns appearing in the print, sometimes described as rivers. Not surprisingly, headaches and eyestrain can often occur as a result.”

Precision tinted lenses have been found to be helpful in many conditions where hyper-excitability of the visual cortex triggered by light source, is thought to be involved. These conditions include:




Photosensitive Epilepsy



Closed head injuries

Multiple Sclerosis

Colour, prescribed with precision, has been found to be effective in alleviating the symptoms caused by Visual Stress. The Valli Group’s new equipment, the Intuitive Colorimeter, which is capable of providing 100,000 combinations of colours, is used under the direction of a Valli Optometrist to identify the optimum colour or combination of colours in a swift and sequential manner, to relieve the symptoms of Visual Stress.

Moin said: “We’re delighted to introduce this equipment to the Valli Group because we know it can literally improve lives. For a child in a classroom, for example, words appearing to be jumping around on the page as they try to concentrate can have a huge effect on their learning ability and confidence. This equipment is the next level in enabling us to prescribe the right lenses for their specific circumstances.  I would welcome the opportunity to go and talk to anyone involved in children’s education to help these children turn around their learning ability.”

To find out more about the Intuitive Colorimeter service contact your local Valli Group Opticians via the details on this page.

The Valli Group owns eight optical practices across Huddersfield and Calderdale.  These are six independent Optical practices, which are Valli Opticians in Honley, Lockwood, Meltham and Mytholmroyd, S D Haigh Opticians in Almondbury and Mamtora Opticians in Hebden Bridge; Valli Home Eye Care which is a domiciliary service specialising in home visits for the elderly and disabled. Valli Corporate Eye Care specialises in bespoke eye care packages for medium to large corporate firms.

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