Independant opticians come out on top in a Which survey

Independant opticians come out on top in a Which survey image

Is it prescription sunglasses for the summer, or replacing your spectacles? if you want to guarantee excellent service and a first class product you should visit your local independent opticians. According to a recent Which report* Independent opticians were the best place to go, to buy glasses Which members who took part in the survey valued the customer service delivered by local independent opticians and optometrists above all others.

Ollie with wide right marginIn March 2014 Which Magazine* carried out a survey of 5,409 people who had, had an eye test or purchased spectacles or contact lenses within the last three years. People surveyed were asked about convenient appointments, punctuality, quality of products and value for money. A large number of people, didn’t feel that value was about special offers or pricing gimmicks. Independent opticians rated highly for overall value for money, excellent customer service, staff skill and communication. Which Magazine found that independent opticians were also more likely to fix any problems with your glasses or contact lenses for no additional cost.


The general feeling was that independent opticians take more care, and that good quality eye care was more important than a “BOGOF” offer. Most people were prepared to pay for quality of service and staff skill and knowledge, so long as pricing was made clear.

If you are planning to have an eye test (and you really should if your prescription is over two years old), talk to your optician about the different types of lenses, frames and coatings that are best for you.



The College of Optometrists recommends that your spectacles or contact lenses are provided by the same people who carry out your eye test or contact lens trail. This is because resolving issues can become very complicated if you go to different stores for different things. Always remember, value isn’t always about saving as many pounds as possible, and your overall eye health is of the utmost importance.


At Valli Opticians we really care about your health, which is why we invest in the latest technology and aim to give longer appointments than most. Our Eye Examinations are more than a straightforward eye test – they’re more of a comprehensive health check. So whether you’re in Huddersfield, Holmfirth, Wakefield, Mytholmroyd or Hebden Bridge you know that when you visit your local Valli Group practice, you and your family’s health is in a safe pair of hands.


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