Laser eye surgery with Optegra

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Did you know that if you need some form of optical correction, glasses no longer have to be the only option you consider? If you find wearing glasses impractical and you do not like the idea of contact lenses, Valli Opticians can now provide an initial assessment for corrective eye surgery. We can give you advice on which type of treatment would suit you and your lifestyle best, as well as providing some of your aftercare appointments if you proceed with treatment.

Valli Opticians now works with Optegra to provide you with a genuine alternative to traditional vision correction solutions.

Laser eye surgery is now the most commonly performed elective procedure in the world. In simple terms, laser eye surgery uses a cool laser to reshape your cornea, changing its focusing power to improve your sight.  Laser eye surgery can be safely recommended for most people, however there are some exceptions. Certain eye or medical conditions along with some general health problems may make the procedure unsuitable.

There is no upper age limit for laser eye surgery, however it cannot effectively correct eyesight for those individuals who have presbyopia and so need reading glasses as they get older.

For our patients who wear bifocal or varifocal glasses there is Clarivu, Optegra’s refractive lens exchange surgery, using accommodating or multifocal lens implants.

The Clarivu treatment has been carried out thousands of times by Optegra. Clarivu corrects common abnormalities in focusing the power of the eye, known as refractive errors. These include astigmatism, presbyopia, hyperopia and myopia. The Clarivu package means, as a patient, you only pay one single price for the consultation, procedure, aftercare and lenses – no matter what the prescription. Other providers offering lens exchange surgery may require payment for all these items separately and the price will often be dependent on the prescription and the type of lens required.

With Optegra it’s not just eye care, its complete care, which is why Valli Opticians is proud to be associated with Optegra.

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