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What could you possibly have in common with members of the world’s finest Royal families? Not much I hear you say, and that may well be the truth. You could however share great taste in eyewear. LINDBERG is coming to Valli Opticians! LINDBERG is an Iconic brand of titanium based spectacles worn by the rich and famous, including members of the world’s finest Royal families from our Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark, to HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Queen in Lindberg

 The staff at Valli Opticians are buzzing with anticipation and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of some fabulous Lindberg frames. So what’s special about Lindberg eyewear I hear you ask?  LINDBERG is a Danish brand of bespoke eyewear that is both innovative and stylish. LINDBERG eyewear was established in 1969 by Hanne and Paul-Jorn Lindberg in Arhus and they say themselves, “everything LINDBERG does is steeped in the Danish design tradition of discreet, classic elegance and carefully considered simplicity”.

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LINDBERG have an enviable collection of prestigious design awards. Every  frame is a statement of technical innovation, aesthetics, and  impeccable craftsmanship. All of the LINDBERG designs use responsibly sourced materials which are selected for remarkable strength, enduring elegance,  and distinctive style. These elite materials include acetate, titanium, gold, platinum,  diamond, attention-grabbing natural animal horns and in some cases even mammoth tooth.

So get down to a Valli practice and make an appointment to be one of the very first to wear Lindberg Eyewear from Valli Opticians.

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