Look who’s talking – Valli Opticians talks to Adelle Mitchell from Wakefield

Look who’s talking – Valli Opticians talks to Adelle Mitchell from Wakefield image

Adelle Mitchell Employee of the year Valli Opticians Yorkshire Wakefield

Following on from their successes at the Valli Staff Awards in Elland last month we have interviewed our winners. Here we would like to introduce Adelle Mitchell, winner of the Employee of the Year Award. Adelle is the resident optometrist at Valli Opticians in Outwood, Wakefield

Valli                             How did you feel when you won your award?

Adelle Mitchell      I was surprised but honoured to have won the award. I have only been with the company for 14 months so to win employee of the year is a great achievement. The fact it is voted for by my colleagues means it is even more special and I am proud that the team felt I have contributed enough in a year to deserve this award.

Valli                             Where is it now?

Adelle Mitchell       It is sitting on my windowsill in my living room for all to see. After Christmas when Wakefield has had its transformation, I will have it displayed in the store.

Valli                             What’s the one accomplishment you’re most proud of and Why?

Adelle Mitchell       I am most proud of becoming an optometrist. It is what I wanted to become from a young age. However when I told my careers teacher in school, she said that I could not do it because of the subjects and grades I had. I also had a part time job in an well known Opticians as a teenager and the Commercial director of that store also said she didn’t believe I would make a good Optician and advised me to chose another career. I did not listen to either of them. I worked hard and passed all my exams. I have been fully qualified for over 5 years now. I have also supervised a trainee Optometrist and she passed her exams 1st time. Now I have won employee of the year so I think that shows what you can accomplish if you set your mind to it!

Valli                              If you had only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Adelle Mitchell       Chatty!

Valli                             What’s your passion?

Adelle Mitchell       Shoes. I love shoes, I have more than I would like to say and every now and then some more will find their way into my house.

Valli                              If you were an animal what would you be?

Adelle Mitchell        I would be a lion. A lion is brave and strong but is part of a great team.

Valli                              Who do you admire the most?

Adelle Mitchell        The person I admire the most is not somebody famous. It is my cousin. She suffers with Crohn’s disease. This year has been a particularly bad year and she has been in and out of hospital. She remains always optimistic and still looks after people around her. She doesn’t see her illness as misfortune and puts everyone else before herself. She has great strength and determination and just gets on with her life despite everything she has been through.

Valli Opticians in Outwood, Wakefield, formerly Barbara Watson Eyecare, is located at 545 Leeds Road. The practice became part of the award-winning Valli Opticians Group in February 2014.  Valli Opticians Group have founded its success on dedicated, professional eyecare combined with delivering the very best in customer service. We are committed in investing in the very latest technology and have a passion for giving back to the local community through our charity work.

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