Look who’s talking – Valli talks to Lisa Mosley from Wakefield

Look who’s talking – Valli talks to Lisa Mosley from Wakefield image

Lisa Mosley

Continuing with our award winners profiles we talk to Lisa Mosley, our worthy winner of the staff excellence in customer service award. This particular award goes to the person or team who has delivered an act of customer service that really stood out as a unique achievement. Something that easily goes above and beyond the call of duty, a story that has been told and will continue to be told time and time again. Lisa  helped a lady who had a blood vessel on her leg literally burst on the shop floor.  Despite all the blood she was able to deal with the lady and her partner with total calm and confidence, call an ambulance and clean up afterwards. We have spoken to Lisa about what her award means to her.

Valli                 How did you feel when you won your award? Where is it now?

Lisa                  When I won the award I was very proud it was nice to be recognised  its now in store next to the one Robin won last                           year

Valli                 What’s the one accomplishment you’re most proud of? Why?

Lisa                  The one accomplishment I am most proud of is my daughters they are the most amazing thing in my life.

Valli                 If you had only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Lisa                  The one word to describe myself is hippy.

Valli                 What’s your passion?

Lisa                  My passion is animals I’m a vegan and love all animals even crawly ones.

Valli                 If you were an animal what would you be?

Lisa                 The animal i would be is a cat, they are independent and free spirited but spend most of the time asleep usually in                              the best seat in the house.

Valli                 Who do you admire the most?

Lisa                  The person I admire most is my brother as he has overcome lots of problems in the past couple of years and still                                  keeps a smile on his face.

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