Meet our Optometrist, Oliver Sewell

Meet our Optometrist, Oliver Sewell image

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Optometrist Oliver Sewell grew up in Queensbury.  At the age of 15, Oliver started a Saturday job in the local Opticians and later decided to pursue a career in optics.  Now working as an Optometrist for Valli Group, Oliver enjoys talking to patients and making them laugh.

When not behind the ophthalmoscope, Oliver enjoys climbing. Oliver said  “I enjoy the physical activity in climbing and the feeling of freedom. Working as  part of a team and the trust we put in each other.  I also love that  sense of achievement when we reach our goal.”

Oliver lives with his partner, veterinary nurse Genna and their small menagerie.  “I’m never quite sure if I’m coming home to find a new animal has moved  in” said Oliver.

When not scaling the peaks or talking to the animals, Valli’s very own Doctor Dolittle enjoys holidaying in Italy and sampling the Italian cuisine,  soaking up the history, climate and countryside.

Oliver is a childhood dance champion and enjoys playing the trumpet.


Oliver splits his week between Hebden Bridge, Wakefield and the Huddersfield practices.


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