Myth busters – Long periods of computer usage can damage the eyes.

Myth busters – Long periods of computer usage can damage the eyes. image


It’s Monday and here is another one of our myth busting blogs.  Today we are looking into the idea that long periods of computer usage can damage the eyes.

According to a recent article by the RNIB, staring at the computer for long periods won’t harm the eyes and computers don’t cause permanent changes to your eyes or eyesight. It is also felt that computers do not make any eye conditions you may have worse. Using a computer for a long period of time however can make your eyes feel tired.

The RNIB recommend the following points to help keep your eyes comfortable while using any type of screen.

  • Take frequent breaks from your screen. Your eyes can become tired when you use them for long periods. Taking frequent breaks from the screen can help to avoid tired eyes and headaches.

  • Good lighting is important for your vision. Make sure the general lighting in your room is adequate for what you are doing but try to avoid any glare on the screen itself as this can be uncomfortable.

At Valli Opticians we recommend wearing your glasses if you have been prescribed them for computer use. Some people need a different pair of glasses for using a computer than for closer reading and/or seeing things in the distance.

Ask your optometrist if you feel that your reading glasses are not helping you see your computer screen.

If you suffer from headaches when using a computer for long periods even with breaks, then you may need to have a pair of glasses especially for computer work. In some cases your employer may pay for your eye test if you use a computer for your job.

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