Myth busting Monday – Valli Opticians, busting optical Myths

Myth busting Monday – Valli Opticians, busting optical Myths image

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It’s Monday and here at Valli Opticians Towers we have decided to publish a series of blogs looking at eye related myths. So today we look at the prevalent idea that you don’t need an eye test if there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight or if you don’t wear glasses.

This is a common misconception. Optometrists are healthcare professionals who can diagnose a whole host of health conditions (including cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, liver disease, stroke, and more) through a routine eye examination. Many eye disease do not have noticeable symptoms.  In the case of glaucoma for instance, by the time you notice it’s effect, lost vision is no longer recoverable. This and many other problems can be prevented by regular check ups with your local Optician.

Worryingly it is believed that one in six drivers in the UK would fail a basic eye test, according to figures released by the road safety charity Brake.  Being an experienced driver is meaningless if you can’t spot hazards because of poor vision and people are often unaware that their vision has deteriorated.  The most common cause of poor driver eyesight is attributed to people not getting regular eye tests and not wearing the right prescription glasses.  Eye disease is a significant cause too, particularly if left undiagnosed and untreated. Although more common in the over 50s, problems such as glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes could affect a driver’s vision, making regular eye tests of vital importance.

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