Remember, remember this 5th November, to look after your eyes.

Remember, remember this 5th November, to look after your eyes. image



Many people underestimate the danger posed by sparklers which remain one of the most dangerous fireworks going in terms of accident statistics. Sparklers cause 27 percent of all fireworks injuries, including third-degree burns.*

For your eye safety follow the Eyecare Trust’s SPARKLER code for a safe and injury free Bonfire Night**:

Shield your eyes with protective eyewear when lighting fireworks

Plunge sparklers into a bucket of cold water as soon as they have burnt out

Attend properly organised displays wherever possible

Read the instructions on the fireworks with a torch and follow them carefully

Keep all fireworks in a closed metal box and only light one at a time

Leave fireworks that fail to go off – never return to a lit firework

Ensure everyone stands a safe distance away when the fireworks are going off

Remove all debris and flammable objects from your firework display area

 And remember NEVER leave children alone with sparklers and ALWAYS keep an eye on them and NEVER give sparklers to children under the age of 5 years

What should you do if you or a loved one suffers a fireworks eye injury? ***

If an eye injury from fireworks occurs, remember:

  • Seek medical attention immediately.

  • Do not rub your eyes.

  • Do not rinse your eyes.

  • Do not apply pressure.

  • Do not remove any objects that are stuck in the eye.

  • Do not apply ointments or take any blood-thinning pain medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen.
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