Special Recognition Award for 2015

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Each year Valli Opticians Group recognises staff excellence. This year there was a new award which has come about to give recognition to a very special group of people. The winners of this award are Birchwood Optical otherwise known as THE LAB. Our Lab team have worked really hard to deliver absolutely outstanding service. The team constantly troubleshoot to ensure the smooth running of operations. They work hard to resolve issues caused by suppliers and sometimes by branches.

We talked to James Houlihan, manager of Birchwood Optical here.

Valli                              How did you feel when you and your team won the award and where is it now?

James Houlihan     My team and I were very surprised and elated to win the award and we’re incredibly excited! The award is now mounted very proudly on its very own shelf in our lab, for us and our visitors to see!

Valli                              What’s the one accomplishment of your team that you are most proud of and why?

James Houlihan     To name one accomplishment of my team I am most proud of is very difficult as over the nine and a half years I have worked for AH Mertons the foundations of my team have not really changed and we have achieved so  much. We have only been able to do so due to the larger team we are within. We have come through a tough few years within our economy and have powered on to remain a successful business and a very strong team.

Valli                               If you had only one word to describe your team what would it be?

James Houlihan      I think if I had only one word to describe my team it would be “Family”.

Valli                               What’s your passion?

James Houlihan       My team and I are incredibly passionate for quality and excellence.

Valli                                What’s your key to success?

James Houlihan       Our key to success is teamwork and dedication with a dose of laughter, oh and some singing!

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