The 116th Boat Race

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This weekend sees the 116th Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge. It’s the rowing event of the year and a real sporting spectacle, with a history full of controversy and rivalry.

The starting gun will fire on Saturday,11th April at 4:50pm.. The rowers will race from Putney Bridge to Chiswick Bridge in Mortlake, covering a distance of 4.5 miles.

In the past some of the rowing crews have received help from eye specialists, who gave them sight training exercises. The idea of the exercises was to help increase the rowers vision efficiency, and to help the crew members build up their peripheral vision. The rowing teams were also given information about contact lenses, lenses to reduce glare and hydrophobic coatings to repel water.

If you enjoy water sports, but you experience problems with glare and moisture deposits on your lenses Valli Opticians can help.  At Valli Opticians we can dispense all kinds of sports glasses, often with wraparound lenses for improved peripheral vision. These frames can be fitted with polarising lenses which are available with or without prescription to help reduce glare. Polarised lenses remove glare by working in a similar way to venetian blinds, blocking out the horizontal polarised light.

If moisture deposits cause you problems, you would benefit from a hydrophobic coating. At Valli Opticians we use Rodenstock lenses, which are available with the Solitaire Protect Plus 2 coating. The top layer of this coating repels water and grease. Liquids don’t leave any marks and just roll right off the surface of the lenses.

Rodenstock’s polarised lenses are available with the Solitaire Protect Plus 2 coating, making them the perfect lenses for all watersports. So if you watch this weekends boat race and you get the urge to take to the water, you will find it a lot easier from behind a  fabulous pair of polarised sports sunglasses from Valli Opticians.

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