Valli Opticians, Fairtrade fortnight, Dementia UK, and Vision aid.

Valli Opticians, Fairtrade fortnight, Dementia UK, and Vision aid. image

As a member of the  Holme Valley Fair Trade Group, Valli Group supported Fairtrade fortnight, 29 February – 13 March 2016.  At Valli Group we believe that all producers should receive a fair price for their product.  It is for this reason that we make a point of offering all of our clients a Fairtrade beverage when they visit one of our opticians practices. When you visit an optical practice in the Valli Group or in the recently acquired A H Mertons group (located in Cheshire/South Manchester), rest assured that when you are offered a drink, it will be Fairtrade. This was the case when visitors and staff got together to support DementiaUKs “Time for a Cuppa” week. Everyone enjoyed some tasty Fairtrade treats and beverages, getting together for a chat and to raise money and awareness of Dementia.

In addition to supporting the Fairtrade movement and DementiaUK, all of our branches also support Vision Aid Overseas, an international charity which is dedicated to fighting poverty by providing access to eye care in developing countries. All of our practices collect old and unwanted spectacles which are then sent for reuse abroad. With 670 million people – 10% of the world’s population, disadvantaged by poor vision and a lack of spectacles, this charity provides a lifeline for many, and allows them to continue working and providing for their families.

So if you are thinking of visiting a friendly, ethical opticians why not pop into one of our practices. You can enjoy a tasty cuppa on us and donate those old spectacles to a good cause while you’re here. To book your appointment contact us at

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