Valli Optometrist Planting Trees At Butterley Reservoir

Valli Optometrist Planting Trees At Butterley Reservoir image

Kamal planting trees

Valli Optometrist and Regional Youth Volunteer, Kamal Aftab has been involved in a tree planting ceremony at Butterley reservoir near Marsden last weekend.

Butterley reservoir is undergoing huge restoration work, which is being carried out by Yorkshire Water after over three centuries of use. The planned restoration is due to take place over the next year and the reservoir has been bled for the last 18 to 24 months. With the water levels at an unprecedented low, White Rose Forest and Woodlands Trust have been contracted to carry out some environmental work. This work includes the planting of over 7000 trees across the treacherous cliff and hills looking down upon the reservoir.

By liaising with members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) from across the Yorkshire area, Mr Aftab is striving to undertake the transporting of 2000 trees, guards and materials across the steep terrain, ready to plant the mountain ash and oak tree saplings.

Ian Butterfield from the White Rose Forest project said; “The planting is part of a 7000 tree project at Butterley Reservoir owned by Yorkshire Water. The project has been put together by Yorkshire Water, White Rose Forest and The Woodland Trust.”

Kamal Aftab commented; “The Butterley reservoir plays a significant role in the area, so we are bringing people from various areas to collaborate and celebrate what we have, to contribute together to enhance the environment in which we live.

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