Can you read this?

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<dir=”ltr”>Did you struggle to read that paragraph? Someone, I don’t know who, once said words are cheap.  But can you imagine how difficult life would be if you struggled to read and write?

Some people struggle with literacy and you may have seen some school children use coloured overlays. These children may be suffering with Visual Stress. Simply explained, Visual Stress (Meares-Irlen syndrome) is a sensitivity to visual patterns, particularly stripes.  In some individuals this condition can cause visual perceptual problems, which interfere with reading.  The problem can occur despite normal vision.

Visual Stress is NOT the same as dyslexia but is more common in those who are dyslexic.

Visual Stress can occur in non-dyslexic individuals and affects 15% OF THE POPULATION!  Signs may become more apparent when intensive reading is necessary, such as when studying for exams.

At Valli Opticians we have a solution.

Visual Stress can be reduced by the use of coloured filters, with either a coloured overlay placed over text or coloured lenses worn in spectacles.  Improvements occur only when the precise colour is selected to suit the individual.  The selection of lenses is best undertaken with the aid of a Intuitive Colorimeter, used under the direction of one of our experienced Optometrists during a thorough eye examination.

Appropriately tinted lenses frequently result in reading that is more fluent and comfortable.  Lens wearers enjoy significant improvement in both reading rate and accuracy.  Tinted lenses have also been found to help those who suffer from headaches, migraines and travel sickness

We provide a simple 3 step solution:

1.  Eye Examination

Comprehensive binocular vision eye examination to establish whether prescription lenses are required.

2.  Overlay Assessment and Rate Of Reading test

An overlay may then be prescribed for use and the patient monitored for improvements.

3.    Colorimetry Assessment

If overlays are successful, the Intuitive Colorimeter assessment is carried out, which allows the Optometrist to prescribe precision tinted lenses in glasses.  From the 100,000 colour combinations available, it identifies the exact colour a patient will benefit from.

Would you like to know more about Visual Stress?

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