Your eye test explained, by Kamal Aftab

Your eye test explained, by Kamal Aftab image

Monday is usually blog day here at Valli Opticians, so this week we thought we would share the last blog Kamal wrote for us prior to his passing

Your eye test explained, by Kamal Aftab

At Valli Opticians when conducting your eye test we follow a methodical and detailed process, tailor-made to your needs and our findings. We check for a range of health issues including Glaucoma, Diabetes, Cataract and Macula degeneration. If you are having any problems with focusing we will carefully assess these and all corrective options will be discussed.

Free eye tests are available to the following groups of people:

Children and Over 60s,

Full time students under 19 years,

Anyone registered as partially sighted or blind

Families who are in receipt of working family tax credit,

Claimants of income support,

Some recipients of Employment Support Allowance,


Glaucoma sufferers (or close relatives over 40).

Irrespective of your age we are happy to check your eyes and your vision and our experienced and highly qualified optometrists can explain to you the different parts of the eye test process.

Retinal Imaging

As part of our commitment to provide the very best in eye care, we may also take a digital retinal image. The image gives a detailed picture of the back of your eye and magnified true colour images of your retina. This provides a more thorough procedure for checking for such problems as diabetic retinopathy and macula degeneration and enhances our standard full eye examination. These digital images are stored on a secure dedicated hard drive and they can be instantly accessed for the future reference.

Comparing your current images with previous ones can help with early detection of any ocular changes possibly indicating the need for referral to a specialists for further investigation. In such circumstances we will send a copy of the image or series of images direct to your consultant for further analysis and assessment.

Sometimes it may be necessary for us to dilate your pupils in order to obtain a clear image of your retina, in which case a separate appointment will be arranged for a later date.

Healthy Retina


At Valli Opticians we have state of the art Topcon 3D Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) machines. These machines provide an advanced eye scan for people of all ages.

Similar to an ultrasound examination, the OCT machine uses light rather than sound waves to illustrate the many different layers that make up the back of your eye.

Using the 3D OCT, which also has a built in camera our optometrists can take both digital photographs and three dimensional cross-section scans of the back of your eye in just one sitting, allowing us to instantly diagnose a number of common conditions.

The 3D OCT scan is non-invasive, painless, quick and simple. What’s more the software can automatically detect even subtle changes to the retina with every test you take. Giving an invaluable ongoing record of the health and condition of your eyes.

To find out more about our 3D OCT examinations visit

Healthy OCT

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