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The Valli Complete Care Plan is like insurance for your eyes and ears. It’s the easiest way to take care of yourself… for life. You’ll get the highest quality care that you need, along with peace of mind, convenience and the best offers. You can join the plan as an individual or a family. With this plan you are certain to keep your family healthy and help them to live well!

The plan can include just one (single), or two (dual) or all three (complete) of our services, which are:

  • Valli Vision Care
  • Valli Contact Lens Care
  • Valli Hearing Care

Look at the table below to find out which monthly payment plan will suit you the best:

Individual (one person)
Single Plan £8.00
Dual Plan £12.00
Complete Plan £15.00
Family (up to 4 people)
Single Plan £20.00
Dual Plan £30.00
Complete Plan £48.00

The features and benefits of each plan are listed below:

Valli Vision Care Plan

  • Cost of regular eye test as recommended by your optometrist covered
  • 10% off complete glasses
  • 50% off a second pair of complete glasses purchased within three months of your initial pair
  • 10% off prescription and non-prescription sunglasses
  • 10% off all optical accessories
  • Unlimited glasses cleaning and basic servicing
  • 1 year accidental breakage cover for prescription glasses

Valli Contact Lens Care Plan

  • Cost of contact lens consultations as recommended by your optometrist covered
  • Cost of contact lens fitting covered
  • Cost of contact lens aftercare covered
  • Preferential contact lens prices

Valli Hearing Care Plan

  • Cost of ear wax removal covered
  • 10% off hearing aids
  • 10% off disposables (batteries, wax filters and domes) and accessories (remotes, remote microphones and TV streamers)
  • 25% off a second set of hearing aids within two years of initial purchase

Additional Terms & Conditions for Valli Complete Care Plan

  • 12 month minimum term
  • If you cancel before the minimum term of 12 months has ended, the remaining fees due of the 12 month period will be payable
  • Family plan covers two adults plus two children under 19 all living at the same address.
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