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Corporate Eye Care

Here at the Valli Group, we really care about your health and also that of your family. That is why we offer a range of benefits for our Corporate Eye Care members and their loved ones.

Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, employers are legally obliged to provide a VDU eye test to their members of staff who work in particular roles.

The Valli Group is a well established and respected local group of Optical practices. As well as providing the legally required eye tests for employees on behalf of employers, we also provide VDU Glasses or computer glasses should the employee need them. We can also provide for the eye care needs of all the family.

Why Should I Join the Valli Group Corporate Eye Care Plan?

Everyone should have an eye test every one to two years, regardless of whether they wear glasses or not. Not only will this important sight test check  your vision,  it can also detect early warning signs of serious conditions like high blood pressure, glaucoma and diabetes.

Our Corporate Eye care Plan has been designed especially for employees who initially visit us at the request of their employer. We can provide the entire eye care service on-site for all employees. Amongst the many benefits, this saves employees time, as they don’t have to leave work to visit an opticians and we save the employer money because we can perform the sight test at a reduced rate.

Not only are we able to provide for all your work-based eye care needs but, as a corporate member, we can also offer you a number of discounted rates and other benefits, including:

  • 15% off all other private spectacles or glasses for corporate eye care members, their partners and immediate family members
  • Private eye tests at a reduced rate
  • Safety spectacles at a reduced price
  • VDU glasses at a reduced price
  • Longer appointments than most other Opticians
  • We’re local – making it quick and convenient for you to have your eyes examined or to pop in for advice. We are also on hand to deal with anything from ocular emergencies to spectacle adjustments and repairs.

Are you a DSE or VDU User?

Under the regulations, employers must provide all employees that use a DSE (display screen equipment) with regular eye examinations and appropriate spectacles for the work being carried out.

Prolonged computer use can cause symptoms such as:

  • Eyestrain
  • Visual fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Dry eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Postural problems

We offer a range of complete price spectacles from £60.00. If these are for DSE only then your employer will provide a contribution. Perfalit solitaire protect lenses are recommended for DSE users to enhance vision and reduce symptoms of visual fatigue.

All our frames prices include market-leading Rodenstock branded lenses complete with cloth, hard case, fitting and aftercare service.

But the choice is yours, if you’d prefer to choose from our wider selection of frames, you could use your employer’s contribution and pay any additional costs yourself.

Work in an Industrial Environment?

Even if you already wear glasses there are potential risks to your eyes in any type of industrial environment be it from machinery, sparks, metal fragments and even dust.

All Valli Group safety eyewear fully conforms to BS EN166 specifications and are stamped with the British standard kite mark. Our safety eyewear is designed to protect the eyes and help prevent serious accidents. Safety glasses are available with prescription lenses where needed so there is no need to have clumsy goggles fitted over your own spectacles.

We have a range of safety eyewear with both metal and plastic frames and different lens options available to ensure you have the correct protection.

Prices start at £80 for single vision, which includes frame, lenses, case, cleaning cloth, fitting and aftercare service

Drive For a Living?

If you drive a company vehicle, including in a warehouse, you can also benefit from our Corporate Eye Care Plan. It’s the straight-forward, easy way to safeguard your vision and detect other conditions.

We offer a range of complete price spectacles from just £60.00. For driving, Perfalit solitaire protect lenses are recommended to enhance vision and reduce glare from on-coming headlights. All our frame prices include market-leading Rodenstock branded lenses, cloth, hard case, fitting and aftercare service.

What is the cost of an eye test?

The usual price of our Bronze private eye examination is £27.50. If you are part of the Valli corporate eye care plan then the cost of this eye examination is reduced £22.50, which is usually paid by your employer. You can upgrade to a Silver eye examination which includes retinal imaging for £10 where available.  You can upgrade to a Gold eye examination which includes a 3-D eye scan (OCT) for £30 where available.

How can I Join the Valli Group Corporate Eye Care Plan?

If you are an employer then please contact us on 01484 533730 or email us on to discuss your requirements.  We can create a bespoke eye care package to suit your particular needs.  We are happy to provide the eye care at a local branch or can come to you and provide the eye care at your premises, for which we are fully equipped and experienced.