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If you’re looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses you’ll find them here at Valli Opticians.

We stock the trendiest brands including the very latest Ray Bans, world renowned Maui Jim, fashionable prescription sunglasses from Paul Smith and also British designed sunwear from Land Rover.

We offer a full spectrum of coloured lens tints, including mirrored finish, which will leave you spoilt for choice. For extra protection in the sun and better clarity of vision why not choose a polarised lens?

We also have a range of sunglasses for children too. Latest figures from the World Health Organisation suggest that as much as 80% of a lifetimes’ UV is absorbed into the eye by the time a child reaches 18 years of age. The reason for this is a lack of natural eye protection combined with the amount of time children spend playing outdoors. If we encourage children to wear eye protection from an early age we can help to limit the amount of UV damage to the eye.

Sunglasses Tints

At Valli you can choose from a tint palette that includes shades of brown, grey, blue, green and pink. In fact you can choose from a colour chart with up to 64 options! Our expert staff will take into account specific activities that you like or different weather conditions to recommend the most suitable tint for you.

Love The Sun? Protect Your Eyes With Polarised Lenses

Do you want the very best when it comes to sunglass lenses? Then come and talk to us about Polarised Lenses. Light travels in many directions and when it reflects off shiny surfaces such as wet roads, cars, windows, or water, it becomes polarised. This causes high levels of uncomfortable glare that can be debilitating. Polarised lenses filter out these reflections, leaving a comfortably clear view with crisp colours and rich contrasts.

The benefits of polarised lenses are:

  • 100% UV protection
  • Contrast-rich vision without glare
  • Fashionable and stylish colour and coating options

Coloured Lenses for Sports

These lenses selectively reduce light of certain wavelengths from reaching the eye, reducing glare and enhancing contrast sensitivity. Available in yellow and orange, green, copper and brown, and purple, these lenses improve visual comfort and clarity and your ability to see with speed and accuracy. Just what you need for enhanced sporting performance.

High-Fashion Mirror Tints

Not only do mirror tints look great, they are highly functional as they reflect light away from the lens surface, which can reduce discomfort and eye strain caused by glare. A mirror coating is available in three colour variations – gold, silver and blue.

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