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Ear wax buildup is a common condition and can cause hearing loss, tinnitus and earache. If it is left uncleared, in some cases it can cause an ear infection.

At Valli, our preferred method of ear wax removal is by a technique called Microsuction. As the name implies, the Audiologist uses a long, thin nozzle that fits in your ear to suction out the wax.

Prior to starting microsuction, the Audiologist will look into your ear canal using a microscope and video otoscopy. They will then use a thin, high precision tube to carry out microsuction in your ear, which creates a tiny vacuum to gently displace and remove the wax. At times they may use small forceps to safely remove ear wax that has dislodged.

Although microsuction is our preferred method of ear wax removal, our Audiologist may use other techniques to remove your ear wax such as manual removal. We do not use syringing which carries a higher risk of damaging your eardrum and is more likely to cause dizziness. Unlike irrigation, microsuction can often be performed on people who have had a ruptured eardrum.

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