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The Valli VIP Plan – Hearing is the easiest way to look after your ears and get the highest quality of care that you need. For just £10.00 per month you get complete peace of mind, convenience and the best offers on hearing care.

Valli VIP Plan – Hearing includes:

  • Free ear wax removal (save £60)
  • 10% off hearing aids (minimum saving £150)
  • 10% off disposables (batteries, filters, and domes) and accessories (remotes, remote microphones, and
    TV streamers)
  • 25% off a second set of hearing aids within two years of initial purchase

For just £15.00 per month you can enjoy the full benefits of our Valli VIP Plan Complete to ensure the most cost effective way of looking after both your ears and eyes. For more details, click on this link.

Bite Size Payment Plan For Hearing Aids

At Valli, you can pay for your hearing aids in bite size chunks! This means that hearing care is now more affordable than ever and you can select the payment plan that best suits your budget. Here are some examples:

12 Month Payment Plan

  • 30% Deposit
  • Interest Free Payment


  • Cost of hearing aids £2000
  • Deposit £600
  • 12 equal payment of £200 per month

36 Months Payment Plan

  • 30% Deposit
  • 10% Interest (may vary)


  • Cost of hearing aids £2000
  • Deposit £600
  • 36 equal payments £64.13 per month

Our team will be happy to customise the payment plans to best suit you. Please ask for more details.

To book in for a FREE hearing test with our Audiologist, click here.

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