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Employers that have the vision to look after their team’s health and well-being benefit from an engaged, loyal and productive workforce. Taking care of your employees’ eyes is part of this.

In today’s digital world, eyes often take the strain through long hours working at a computer screen. This means looking after the health of your employees’ eyes is not only important, but is a legal requirement.

Health and safety regulations mean that companies have certain obligations to any member of staff who regularly uses computers, other display screens or require safety glasses as part of their job. This means employees should have a regular eye examination paid for by their company. As well as checking vision, tests can also detect early warning signs of serious conditions such as high blood pressure, glaucoma and diabetes.

The easy solution to your company’s eyecare needs


Looking after the health of your employees’ eyes is important. It shows your team that you care about them, it reduces absenteeism, good eyesight is definitely an advantage at work and…you have to provide it by law.

Our unique service makes eyecare simple – ensuring a top quality service, minimising downtime and reducing all that extra admin and paperwork.


Here’s how it works

  • Create a Valli Co-optic corporate user account in minutes by visiting here
  • Purchase VDU eyecare vouchers or safety eyewear vouchers to suit your requirements
  • Add employees’ details onto your user account and issue eyecare vouchers using the site directly to their email
  • Your employee books into a Valli Opticians branch and exchanges the voucher for eyecare services
  • The site gives you reports of how many vouchers you have issued and how many have been used by your employees

Features & Benefits


We’re here to make your life easier and keep productivity high – here are just a few of the features and benefits you can expect with us:

  • 20% off all prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses from £99 range
  • £49 off standard glasses when a prescription is solely for VDU use
  • 20% off contact lens fitting and aftercare
  • 10% off ear wax removal
  • 10% off hearing aids
  • All above discounts available for employees’ immediate family members too

Contact us today on to find out more about Valli Co-optic – because when you care for your team, they care for your business.

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