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School Vision Screening
Vision screening is recommended at age 4 to 5 years to identify children with reduced vision in one or both eyes. This is often carried out in school and is a service that is provided through the local authority, often by a nurse or orthoptist.

Vision develops from birth to around 8 years of age. Children rarely complain of poor vision, and it can easily go unnoticed. It can have an impact on a child’s learning and development. Reduced vision is caused by the brain not receiving a clear image from one or both eyes.

Up to one million children have an undetected vision problem. This is equivalent to 4 children in every classroom.

What does vision screening check?
Although important, vision screening is only a brief check of your child’s sight in the distance. For near vision problems, other eye conditions and eye health issues, a full eye examination is recommended. Eye examinations are fully funded by the NHS therefore free and are recommended for all children from the age of 3. You can book an appointment now by clicking on this link.

As part of Valli’s commitment to local communities, we are providing free vision screening to schools in a number of areas where we have a practice. To find out if we can do free vision screening in your school, email us on

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