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Huddersfield Optician delivers free vision screening to schools

Posted on 28th January 2019 in News

Left to right – Georgina Flint (reception class teacher at Moorlands Primary School), Moin Valli and Cassie Walker (class teacher at Moorlands Primary School).

Valli Opticians Managing Director Moin Valli has given free vision screening to 90 reception class children at Moorlands Primary School in Lindley, Huddersfield.

Moin was at the school for two days and each child who had their vision assessed was given a report to send home to their parents.

Moin said: “Not all school children in the country are provided with vision screening via their local authority. So, as part of our commitment to local communities we are offering free vision screening to schools that wouldn’t otherwise benefit from the service.

“With 1 in 7 school children having an undiagnosed vision problem, we are doing our bit to ensure this statistic is less in our local areas.

“As local opticians we are passionate about children’s eye health. We are happy to provide school talks about eye health and in the last few months alone we have talked to over 3000 children in many local schools.”

Cassie Walker, class teacher at Moorlands Primary School said: “I would like to say a huge thank you to Moin and Valli Opticians for providing such a fantastic service for our reception children at Moorlands Primary School. This service will benefit the future of every individual, which is very important for our pupils. We would love to invite Mr Valli back every year to screen the reception classes.”

Last year Valli Opticians launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness around the importance of children’s eye tests. The company, which has four practices in Huddersfield, has been campaigning for a greater emphasis on children’s eye health to be included in the Personal Child Health Record (commonly known as the ‘red book’).

The book is a national standard health and development record of a child’s early years which is given to all new parents and carers.

Moin added: “There seems to be a general lack of awareness in the UK of the importance of regular eye examinations from an early age. We believe one reason for this may be the vague information about children’s eye health in the red book.

“The book is where advice on childcare starts for most parents. It is a great tool that gives parents and carers a range of important advice about a child’s development and I am hopeful that it can be enhanced by more information on eye health. Whilst the current information in the red book is relevant, we are calling for it to be clearer.”

The campaign has gained support from professional bodies, fellow Optometrists and MPs.

To sign Valli Opticians’ Red Book Campaign petition please follow the link