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Kayleigh Felstead – Manager of our award winning practice in Hebden Bridge.


Kayleigh Felstead and her team from Valli Opticians Hebden Bridge

Kayleigh Felstead and her team from Hebden Bridge

We had a truly fantastic time at the Valli Staff awards in Elland last month. Now that the dust has settled and everyone has had chance to reflect on the year’s achievements we thought what better time than now to interview our winners. So without further ado we would like to introduce you to Kayleigh Felstead, Manager of Valli Opticians Hebden Bridge – Winners of Valli Opticians Practice of the year award.

Valli  How did you feel when you and your team won the award?

Kayleigh Felstead  We were very pleased when we won the award. We’ve all worked very    hard with the move and combining two practices and the award just helped make us feel valued and that all our hard work was much appreciated.

Valli  Where is the award now?

Kayleigh Felstead   It’s displayed in our practice alongside Sheryl’s “dispenser of the year” award.

Valli  What’s the one accomplishment of your team that you are most proud of and why?

Kayleigh Felstead   Customer service. We’ve had a few ups and down this year but the team are always smiling and giving the customers the best care possible no matter what is going on behind the scenes.

Valli  If you had only one word to describe your team what would it be?

Kayleigh Felstead  Smashing

Valli  What’s your passion?

Kayleigh Felstead Spreading smiles. I like to keep everyone happy. I like to make sure the whole team is happy and, in turn, that all of our customers feel valued and special no matter what their requirements.

Valli  Who do you admire the most?

Kayleigh Felstead  My parents.  They have both worked very hard all their lives providing the best for me and my brother and sister and passed their work ethic on to me.

Valli  What’s your key to success?

Kayleigh Felstead  Make sure the people around you are happy. Richard Branson once said: “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”.

Valli Opticians is located on Bridge Gate in the centre of Hebden Bridge, having relocated to a flagship new store in June 2015.

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