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My Top 4 Multifocal Lenses

Posted on 4th December 2018 in News

 by James Houlihan, Lab Manager, Valli Opticians Group

Whittling down the number of multifocal lenses on the market to my top four hasn’t been easy because of the vast amount of lenses that are available. Also, new technology is constantly being used to improve lens designs to keep up with our ever evolving lifestyles.

The most expensive lenses are not always the best lens available for you. When choosing lenses you should take into account your lifestyle needs, hobbies, occupation, chosen sport and so much more. This is where your dispensing optician can help guide you into choosing the right lenses.

To give you an idea, here is the same image looking through different varifocal designs. This gives a snapshot of how different the views from varifocals and multifocal lenses can be to the wearer.

Standard varifocal design

Personalised varifocal design

So, here’s my top four lenses on the market at the moment –

Number 1

Balansis Varifocal Lens Manufacturer Hoya

I believe this is a brilliant lens due to the ease of use. It gives stable vision when moving around and when tackling stairs. This, along with reduced swim and sway, makes it very easy to get used to if you are a first time varifocal wearer. This is definitely not the most expensive lens, nor is it the cheapest, but it’s a great lens to start any patient off on their varifocal visual wardrobe. That’s why it’s my number 1!

Key Points

  • Natural transition to near area for instant focus on digital devices and printed media
  • Large clear viewing area
  • Reduced swim and sway effect
  • Stable Vision when moving around and walking up and down stairs

Number 2

Lifestyle 3i Varifocal Lens Manufacturer Hoya

A very close second is the Lifestyle 3i. This lens is simply outstanding. It comes with three design directions matching the wearer’s lifestyle perfectly. “Indoor” “Urban” and “Outdoor” it also has four different corridor lengths and takes into account individual wearing parameters to offer higher level of personalisation.

Key Points

  • Optimised visual acuity and crisper image perception
  • A noticeably more relaxed vision thanks to precise and effortless focusing
  • Stable vision when using modern everyday digital equipment
  • The personalisation gives a more accurate correction  
  • Wide, near and intermediate vision fields

Number 3

Workstyle V+ Multifocal Lens Manufacturer Hoya

This lens is not a typical varifocal lens and is Hoya’s exclusive indoor solution that is tailored to individual working and wearing conditions. It has three design variations and each of them serves a specific working distance, depending on the wearer’s needs. This lens is brilliant for specialist hobbies and professionals from office workers to gamers and engineers to medical professionals.    

Key Points

  • Excellent depth and width perception at near and intermediate distance
  • Great when using digital devices
  • Smooth transition between the various distances
  • A solution perfectly suited to an office environment and precision activities.

Number 4

Navigator  Varifocal Lens Manufacturer Signet Armorlite

This lens is a soft progressive design for easy adaptation. It is a basic entry level varifocal with a wide reading area. This is the budget lens that does what it says on the tin. Nothing fancy, nothing glamorous, and competitively priced. I think that sums up why this lens is in my top 4!

Key Points

  • Soft design for easy adaptation and a wide reading area