Valli staff awards 2015

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The Valli/AH Mertons Valli Staff Awards took place on Saturday 28th November at Bertie’s, in Elland.

This glittering event saw staff from both businesses come together with representatives from key suppliers to celebrate  the staff s achievements and to recognise excellence.

The revellers gathered for an evening  dedicated to celebrating the very best in independent optical care and customer service.  The awards, organised by Moin Valli and his wife Rachel, were established to give recognition for the outstanding achievements of their team, and recognition of the efforts of many key  individuals who have demonstrated true adherence to Valli Group customer service aspirations.

The winners and nominees for the individual categories were as follows:

The Valli Group Best Act of customer Service went to Lisa Mosley from the Wakefield team– who helped a lady who had a blood vessel on her leg burst on the shop floor.  Despite all the blood, she was able to deal with the lady and her partner with total calm and confidence, call an ambulance and clean up afterwards.

AH Mertons Group Best Act of Customer Service went to The Barradells team – A lady ran into the practice crying as she had locked her baby in her car – it was a hot summers day and Rachel ran out and asked Rianne to call the fire brigade. Rachel helped cover the car to keep the baby cool and try to keep the mother calm until the firemen turned up.

Valli Group Branch of the Year 2015 goes to Valli Opticians Hebden Bridge.

AH Mertons Group Branch of the Year 2015 goes to L Mitchell Opticians of Hyde

Valli Group Dispense of the Year 2015 goes to Sheryl Doe, dispensing Optician at Hebden Bridge

AH Mertons Dispense of the Year 2015 goes to Rachelle Garcia Russo from Barradells in Cheadle Hulme

Kamal Aftab Professional Excellence Of The Year 2015   This is a very special award.  This year, the Valli Group lost a very special member of their team.  His name was Kamal Aftab.  Kamal was only 33 years old when he sadly passed away 6 weeks after being diagnosed with Leukaemia.  He was an inspirational human being, he did so much for everyone, he was constantly helping people in need and raising much-needed funds for charities.  So much so that he was voted The Guardian Newspapers Volunteer Of The Year in 2014.   Best of all, he always had a smile on his face. He was also an outstanding Clinician, much admired by colleagues and clients alike.  This award is dedicated to Kamal’s memory and is awarded to the professional member of staff who performs his or her duties with the very highest standards of professional excellence.

The winner of the Kamal Aftab Professional Excellence Of The Year 2015 – Valli Group was Rachel Rose, Dispensing Optician at Valli Opticians in Honley.

The winner of the Kamal Aftab Professional Excellence Of The Year 2015 – AH Mertons group was Adrian Aaron, Dispensing Optician at Aarons Stockport.

Special Recognition 2015 – This is a new award and it has come about to give recognition to a very special group of people.  This group work really hard to deliver outstanding service, they constantly troubleshoot delays to ensure smooth running of operations, have to work hard to resolve issues caused by suppliers and sometimes by branches:  The winners of this award are, of course: Birchwood Optical otherwise known as THE LAB.

The final award was for Valli Group Employee of the Year 2015. The winner of this award was employee who has delivered excellence throughout the year, has a positive ‘can do’ attitude, and is always striving to improve themselves and those around them.  This is a very special award as it was voted for by  the Valli Group staff. The winner was Optometrist Adelle Mitchell from Valli Opticians Wakefield.

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