Valli Opticians Celebrates 50 Years of Dedication with Christine Wrenn’s Anniversary

Valli Opticians Celebrates 50 Years of Dedication with Christine Wrenn’s Anniversary image

Valli Opticians, a leading provider of eye care services in the North West and Yorkshire, is proud to celebrate a remarkable milestone – the 50th work anniversary of Christine Wrenn, their Head of Operations.

Christine’s remarkable journey began in 1974 when she joined Lesley Mitchell Opticians in Hyde, now Valli Opticians, as a receptionist. Her dedication and thirst for knowledge quickly led her beyond the front desk. Christine received training in dispensing glasses and further impressed Malcolm Jones, who acquired the practice a few years later under AH Mertons.

Recognising Christine’s potential for the business side of the industry, Malcolm became her mentor, fostering her development into a senior management role. He encouraged Christine to pursue her education at Manchester Business School, ultimately leading to a directorship in the growing company, which had expanded to encompass seven practices.

In 2015, Moin Valli acquired AH Mertons and saw Christine’s exceptional talent. He offered her one of the most senior positions in the company – Head of Operations. Today, Christine oversees the day-to-day operations of all 16 Valli Opticians practices. Her responsibilities encompass practice performance, customer journey optimisation, supplier and NHS relations, and HR oversight.

Reflecting on her journey, Christine Wrenn, Head of Operations at Valli Opticians, said:
“I’ve been in optics a long time because it has always given me what I wanted out of a career. It started from very humble beginnings and having worked my way up to such a senior role is something I am extremely proud of. As the company and practices have grown, I have had direct and indirect mentoring which means that I have embraced change all the time. The challenges of the job is the bit that keeps me going and I thoroughly enjoy it. I love the interactions with the patients and colleagues, and whilst I can still get my high heels on, I am going to continue to come into work”

Moin Valli, CEO of Valli Opticians, said:
Christine’s contributions have been invaluable to the company. She’s not only witnessed incredible change in the optical and audiology industry but has also actively helped shape it with her knowledge and wisdom. Countless colleagues, Rachel and I included, have learned, and grown tremendously under your guidance. Her presence here is more than just a job; it’s a legacy. She’s helped create a culture of positivity, respect, community, and love that continues to inspire us all.

Christine’s 50-year tenure at Valli Opticians is a testament to her dedication, adaptability, and passion for the eye care industry. Her story serves as an inspiration to all Valli Opticians’ employees and a reminder of the company’s commitment to fostering talent and rewarding hard work.

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