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At Valli we have always been passionate about caring for children’s eyes. Which is why we launched the ‘Seeing Red’ campaign calling for children to have regular eye examinations, and provide free vision screening for hundreds of school children every year.

If your child needs glasses, there is no better place to find a stylish, fun and comfortable pair of glasses than your local Valli practice. Each of our branches showcase a wide range of eyewear that will leave your child or teenager spoilt for choice.

We will advise them on the best and most comfortable fit, including UV protection, thinner lenses, anti-reflection coating and the latest in myopia control lens technology.

Introducing MiyoSmart – Myopia (short-sightedness) Control

If your child is struggling to see clearly at a distance, such as the board at school, they may have myopia. Otherwise known as short-sightedness, it oftens starts when children are school-aged and slowly gets worse as they get older. Award-winning MiyoSmart lenses can reduce the progression of myopia down significantly by providing clear vision and constant myopic defocus simultaneously.

Safety First

We believe our children deserve the best. That is why we supply a children’s lens that is virtually unbreakable. Yet, it is exceptionally lightweight and ultra-thin, is easy to clean and extremely scratch resistant. And best of all it provides 100% protection from harmful UV rays.  Ask about this lens when you are next in.

NHS Optical Voucher for Children

Children under 16 are entitled to a spectacle voucher which you can use to cover some or all of the cost of their glasses. If they damage or lose their glasses, don’t worry. We can issue a further voucher that you can use to repair or replace their glasses. Our branch colleagues will be able to advise you on this further.

There is no minimum age of when you can bring your child in for an eye test or glasses. If you have any concerns whatsoever, please get in touch with us now.

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